The answer to this question can be two-fold. The first part of the answer is that we are likely talking about two very different varieties. Store-bought varieties are made for longevity. They are bred to be mass produced, picked before ripeness, and trucked here from a tropical climate. They are not bred for taste or health. They no longer have the nutrient quality of the tomatoes you remember having as a kid. The upside is, we can have tomatoes and oranges in January. The downside is, food just doesn’t taste like it used to. This is not your Grandma’s tomato.

The second part of the scenario has to do with soil health. Today’s farming practices place little value on soil health. The symbiotic relationship between the soil, the plants, and the creatures in the soil is often gone. Much of today’s farmland is sterile. Your soil is likely sterile. Many of the pests we treat with chemical applications would be nearly non-existent in the presence of a healthy soil. Healthy soil means healthy plants that taste better. When you increase the quality of the soil, you increase the quality of the food.

So…enough with the bad news. The good news is you have it within your power to fix all of this. Repairing your soil means fewer pests on your lawn and thus fewer (and eventually no) chemical applications. Starting even the smallest of gardens and properly caring for the soil provides your family the healthiest and most inexpensive access to produce. Let us help you repair your soil and move away from chemical applications. Have you ever wondered what those chemicals do to your children and pets? We have too! Do a little reading on the subject and you will be shocked. Call us to get started. You do not need an acre of land. We will help you figure out what works for you.

Improving the quality of your soil starts now, not when you plant. Call Chris today: 314-568-6332