Core Aeration

core aeration service in st louis, mo
There is a lot that goes into lawn maintenance. You have to worry about proper fertilization schedules, the right amount of watering, proper soil drainage and much more. However, one of the most important considerations here is soil aeration. Aerating a lawn offers numerous benefits, and will help ensure better health and growth for your grass.

Core Aeration Boosts Health

Core aeration is the best option out there. Several types of aeration exist, but coring is the most beneficial. How does this work? A core aerator is basically a large, heavy cylinder with hollow spikes set at regular intervals down its length. As it turns, a coring aerator removes “plugs” of soil, or small divots. This offers advantages over other forms of aerators. Lawn aeration with a core aerator ensures that air, water and nutrients are able to penetrate deeper into the ground, providing better health for grass.

Preventing Soil Compaction with Core Aeration

Another benefit found with core aerators is the fact that they help combat and prevent soil compaction. Soil compaction is the process during which your soil gradually settles down tighter and tighter. This happens naturally, but is more pronounced in areas of heavy traffic. As the soil becomes more tightly compacted, grass roots are not able to penetrate as deeply. This leads to a shallow root system. Shallow root systems make your lawn far more susceptible to stress and drought conditions.

DIY Aeration or Professional Services?

If you have a riding lawn mower, then chances are good that you have at least considered renting a pull-behind aerator. However, this has several problems. First, the coring aerators available to rent are not professional quality, and will provide substandard results. Second, you’ll pay almost as much for the rental as you would for a professional service, plus you’ll have to do all of the work yourself.

It’s a far better decision to locate a St. Louis, MO landscaping and lawn maintenance company that offers core aeration. This will ensure that your lawn is as healthy as possible, but that you also save time and effort in the process as well.