Sodding Experts in St Louis, MO

Sodding st louisWhen you need ground cover in your yard, you have two choices: seed or sod. Seed can be very difficult to do right – birds, rainwater runoff and germination failure can leave you with a bare yard or patchy results. Sodding is the best option for full coverage. However, sod can also be tough to install properly, particularly if you have never done it before. Working with a top-notch yard care service can offer some relief here.

Grass Sod Explained

Sod is available in several types, including squares and rolls. The type you need will vary by your application. For instance, if you are patching your yard or need to grow grass in a smaller area, then squares are the best option. Rolls of sod are the best solution for lager yards, though squares can also be used (they’re simply more labor intensive to install).

In either squares or rolled form, grass sod is an excellent alternative to seeding. The grass is already grown, and is harvested with the root system intact. That means that it simply needs to be installed in your yard and watered in correctly (and then watered frequently during the adjustment period) to ensure optimum results. The same cannot be said for seeding, which can be completely ineffective.

Types of Sod

In addition to being available in different installation forms, there are also different types of sod. For St. Louis, MO, the best option is a hybrid fescue blend, as this has the best qualities for the regional climate. Make sure that any lawn service you contract for your sodding is able to provide you with this type of sod.

Why Work with a Lawn Care Service?

When faced with the prospect of sodding your yard, you’ll have to determine whether you want to go the DIY route or have it professionally installed. Doing it yourself might save a bit of money upfront, but it has far greater costs in terms of time and maintenance. Going with a professional is actually the best choice if you want the greenest, healthiest lawn with the least amount of backbreaking labor. Working with a landscaping company in St Louis with plenty of experience is vital, though.