fertilization st louis moFertilization

Keeping your yard green and healthy requires a lot of attention and quite a bit of work. Watering alone is not enough to help your grass thrive. You also need fertilization. Fertilizer providers the nutrients and chemicals needed to ensure that grass is healthy, both the blades and the roots. An incorrectly fertilized lawn might even look healthy and green, but shallow root systems and a lack of nutrients means that it will wilt and die under the slightest pressure.

Optimum Lawn Fertilization

Many home and business owners understand that fertilization is important, but don’t realize it’s necessary to fertilize throughout the year. Most people think that fertilizing a lawn in the spring and fall is the best way to ensure health, but that’s not quite right.

In reality, it requires a full year of fertilizing to grow grass, develop a healthy root system and replace nutrients leached from the soil. For instance, a seven-part fertilization plan should be followed for optimum results. What might such a plan include?

First, there should be two applications of fertilizer before new grass emerges. This should take place in late winter or early spring, before grass begins to grow once more. During the growing season, there should also be two applications of slow-release fertilizer. This provides ongoing nutrient support for growing plants. In addition, a winterizing application of fertilizer is also required. Finally, there should be two applications of weed control throughout the year to maximize the results of the fertilizer and keep weeds from getting out of hand.

Professional Lawn Fertilization

Obviously, this regimen of fertilizer application is a bit much for the average home or business owner. Doing it right takes a lot of time, more than you might have available. The best solution is to choose a professional lawn care service St Louis that offers the best fertilization plan possible. You’ll find that such a service keeps your yard in the best health all year long, and that your grass doesn’t suffer from seasonal stresses that can damage or kill it.

Of course, not all companies are the same, so it pays to do a little research before making a choice. Look for a lawn care service that offers in-depth experience and the best customer service available.