Power Rake

power raking in St Louis, MO
Having a healthy, beautiful lawn requires much more than just fertilizing and watering it. It will also require that you aerate your lawn regularly, and that you rake it seasonally with a power rake. What’s a power rake and why should you consider using one on your lawn? If you want to stimulate new grass growth and remove dead material, power rakes are essential.

What Is a Lawn Power Rake?

Lawn power rakes look a lot like a push mower, at least at first glance. There are several different designs on the market, ranging from small, simple machines to large professional rakes. Obviously, the larger, professional versions offer superior performance and faster results.

How Does a Power Rake Work?

A power rake operates through what is called dethatching. In essence, it moves over your yard and rakes up dead plant material. It removes dead grass from beneath living grass, helping to improve the flow of minerals and nutrients to grass roots, as well as to stimulate new growth. However, this is a stressful process for grass, and should only be done during months when there is consistent growth but there is little chance of high heat – spring and fall are best. The cooler temperatures will give your grass an opportunity to recover from the raking and become healthier.

When Should Power Raking Be Done?

When in the maintenance cycle should a power rake be used? Ideally, you will want to do it before seeding. Removing the dead thatching from beneath living grass helps ensure that grass seed is able to land on soil, rather than dead plant material. If the thatching remains in place, any new growth from the seeding will be weak and will die quickly.

Choose a Professional for Power Raking

Power raking is an involved process and requires certain skills and expertise. It’s really not a process that you should undertake if you have little experience. Working with a professional landscaping and lawn maintenance company in St. Louis, MO, is the best way to ensure that it’s done correctly, on time and that your lawn is as healthy as possible.