Tree Removal

tree removal service in St Louis, MOTrees play an important role in your landscape, providing beauty, shade and protection from the wind. However, trees can also cause unwanted problems. Quite a few things can turn a once beneficial tree into a potential hazard, including storm damage, disease and even changes that you plan to make to your yard. When this happens, it’s important that you call on the right tree removal service.

DIY Tree Removal

You might decide that removing the tree in question on your own is the best way to go. This can pose some serious issues. Tree removal requires specialized tools, safety equipment and knowledge of how to bring down a tree safely, without damaging your property or that of your neighbors. Removing a tree on your own can pose serious risks to your home, your family and even your neighbor’s property. The best option is to work with a skilled tree removal service to ensure safety for all involved.

Tree Stump Removal

Often, homeowners are faced with the prospect of removing tree stumps from their yard. You might have decided that it’s time to install an inground pool in the back yard, or you might just be tired of the eyesore. In addition, tree stumps can pose problems in other ways – they’re magnets for termites and other insects. However, removing a stump correctly is very difficult. If you do not remove the stump and the roots, you risk creating a sinkhole in the future, as the wood supporting the earth rots away. A professional tree removal service can help ensure that those stumps are removed properly, safely and completely.

Important Considerations in Choosing a Tree Removal Service

There are several things that you need to look for in a good tree removal service. First, the company needs to have experience and expertise in removing trees safely. However, they must do more than simply bring down the tree. It must also be cut up and hauled off your property. Once the tree has been hauled off, you still have to worry about stump grinding. The best solution is to choose a reputable Lanscaping company St Louis that offers all of these services.