Rock Walls

retaining walls installation in st louisRetaining walls are an important part of your home’s landscape. Without those vital retaining walls, your yard would erode, and you would also lose valuable space. For yards with areas that need retaining walls, finding the best possible service company is vital. Going it alone here is possible, but it’s certainly not recommended.

Considerations with Retaining Walls

As mentioned, it’s possible to build your own retaining wall, but it’s not something that should be undertaken lightly. Building these walls correctly requires knowledge and experience. The wall needs to be designed correctly, including the correct base width, the correct height and the correct amount of backfill. If you do not do this suitably, the wall could tumble over on anyone or anything in front of it. That’s not a risk you should ever take.

In addition to the dimensions of the wall, you also need to consider things like the material from which the wall is built, water barriers behind the wall’s façade and more. The right landscaping service will be able to ensure that your wall is built to last a lifetime.

Rock Walls Add Beauty and Functionality

Retaining walls can be made from almost anything, including masonry and rock. Both options add beauty to your property, as well as functionality. In addition, you might find that very large walls that take up a considerable amount of yard space need stairs installed. This provides easier access to other areas of your yard, without forcing you to go over or around the wall. Steps installation is yet another area where you need professional help, particularly if you want to retrofit an existing retaining wall with steps.

Finding a Quality Landscaping Service

To help improve the beauty and usability of your yard, it’s vital that you choose the right St. Louis landscaping company. Not all landscaping companies are capable of building retaining walls, nor are all that offer this service worth your time. The best company will offer full landscaping design and installation services, as well as help with plant selection and positioning to name only a few areas of expertise. Choose your provider with care for the best experience, though.