Ballwin, MO Lawn Care Specialist

img9All Star Landscaping has been providing the residents of St. Louis and the surrounding communities with high quality lawn services for many years. We are a family-owned business, and we love what we do. We are far more than just a lawn service contractor. We are experts, professionals and artists, and we can transform your ordinary yard into a work of art.

Ballwin, MO has earned a reputation of being an excellent community in which to live. It has been listed as “One of America’s Best Places to Live” by Money Magazine, and its residents strive to maintain that status. The city, which has a population of over 30,000, is home to a wide assortment of businesses, services and programs, and the economy is strengthened by the relationship between stores and consumers. Residents enjoy spending time at the city’s many recreational areas, trails and parks, but they also want their own yards to be beautiful and relaxing. When they want to add color or dimension to their lawns, they call All Star Landscaping We can create new lawns by adding sod and plants, and we can maintain and landscape existing lawns.

Lawn Care Maintenance

If you already have a lawn that you are proud of but need some help keeping it maintained, then we are the company for you. We are happy to mow your grass, trim your shrubs, edge your sidewalks and prune your trees. We can also rake leaves in the fall, remove dead limbs from trees and clean up limbs that fell during a storm. No matter what task you need done in order to keep your yard looking its best, All Star Landscaping can help.

Lawn Care

If you are just starting to visualize what you want your lawn to look like, we can help make that dream a reality. We can add sod to the bare spots in your yard so that your grass can grow thick and luscious in all places. We can also landscape your outdoor area, which means that we can install walkways, build rock walls and shape flowerbeds that will enhance your property. If there are dead tree stumps littering your lawn, then we will grind them so that they no longer pose a hazard to you and your loved ones. We can help you find the shrubs, flowers and trees that will give your lawn the shape and color you want, and we will plant them so that you don’t have to do any heavy labor.


Once your lawn is established, you will need to fertilize the plants regularly in order for them to get the nutrients they need. Our high quality fertilizers will make the roots stronger, which will encourage the growth of large flowers and thick grass. We know when it is the best time to fertilize your lawn, as well as which type of fertilizer is best for the plants that you have. Our expertise will result in a beautiful lawn that will give you a sense of pride.

If you are ready to transform your lawn, call All Star Landscaping today at 314-749-1005. You can also request a quote and learn more about our services at