The best bushes for landscaping are those that add year-round beauty to your garden and yard. They work well as an anchoring to your small flowerbeds, and can be used to hide unsightly areas, or to create privacy. Though not every bush is ideal for every growing region in the nation, these common varieties work well in nearly all growing climates.

lilac for landscaping


As a beautiful sweeping, broad branched bush, Lilac bushes will emit its delicate perfume all through your neighborhood. As a longtime favorite of gardeners, Lilac can be used to create private areas throughout your yard. Even a single specimen can produce dramatic effects in your landscape design.



Spirea for landscapingSpirea

Producing the best results when grown in zones 3-8, Spirea is often used in traditional landscape designs. Its foliage is blue-green during the summer, turning into a rich golden color during the fall months. It is commonly used to grace entryways, and prefers average soil, moderate water and most importantly full sun.



Red-Tip PhotiniaRed-Tip Photinia

The Red-Tip Photinia is a hardy plant that grows well in zones 2-9. Its bright red new growth will fade into a glossy, dark green once the foliage begins to mature. As a fully formed lush bush, its foliage develops from the ground up, reducing an overgrown, leggy appearance. Producing small white flowers, with rich contrasting red berries, this plant easily attract birds during the autumn months.



Liriope is a little evergreen shrub that grows hardy in nearly every zone. With dark, grass-like green foliage and small flower blooms of purple, white or lavender, this plant tolerates full sun during the morning and shade in the afternoon. Preferring moist soil, the Liriope bush grows an average of two feet in height.



Dwarf Burning BushDwarf Burning Bush

The Dwarf Burning Bush produces red flame foliage during the autumn months, which gives it its unusual name. Growing best in zones 4-9, it can easily reach a height of four feet. Once the bush is mature, its deep emerald green leaves create a luscious hedge long into the winter months. Its beautiful cork-like bark and red berries make a stunning addition to your landscaping garden.



As a traditional bush, Forsythia is usually the first shrub in your garden to bloom every spring. Covered with bright yellow flowers, which naturally cascade up its branches, this fast-growing shrub is the ideal choice for creating large privacy areas.



Butterfly BushButterfly Bush

This beautiful deciduous shrub can naturally attract butterflies due to its sweet smelling perfume. With large arching branches, completely covered with flower spikes, it resembles a Lilac bush in shape. Growing hardy in zones 5-9, it has blooms come in a variety of red or purple that fully blossom in the late summer.

With the right selection of the best bushes for landscaping in your zone or area, you can easily add flowers and colors to the darker parts of your yard or garden. Carefully selected bushes can add dimension, interest and depth to your landscape design. Whether you are looking for great color in spring, summer, autumn or all three, there are varieties of plants ideally suited for your region.